Modified Tractors

Cotton Candy

Cameron Neaves

McAdoo, Texas

Vehicle Make/Model: 2020 Modern Machine Chassis with three 564 Veney Hemis

Occupation: Cotton Farmer

Hobbies: Watching Basketball and Football

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 4th Place in Points with the Outlaw Truck & Tractors Pullers in 2021. Competed at the 2022 National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS), 2nd Place at TPC 2022

Other: Family has been pulling since 1972.

Giddy Up

Ricky Rose

Glencoe, Minnesota

Vehicle Make/Model: Modified

Occupation: Farmer

Hobbies: Fishing and Snowmobiling

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2017 NTPA Grand National Modified Champion

Other: Sponsor – Traction Ag

Miller Lite Predator

Jami Austin

Charleston, Illinois

Vehicle Make/Model: Engler Chassis with 4 Supercharged Chevy Engines

Occupation: Farmer

Hobbies: Boating

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: Bowling Green Ring Winner with Two Wheel Drive

Optima Batteries Kentuckian

Wayne Sullivan

Warsaw, Kentucky

Vehicle Make/Model: Massey Harris 444

Occupation: Tractor Puller

Hobbies: Boating

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2015 & 2019 PPL Super Modified Champion. 2018 & 2023 NFMS Champion

Ramblin’ Rose

Tom Owens

Montgomery, New York

Vehicle Make/Model: 2021 Modern Machine Chassis, Triple Veney Hemi with SSI Blowers

Occupation: Farmer and Trucker

Hobbies: Farming and Tractor Pulling

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2022 TPC Champion, 2021 & 2022 NTPA Grand National Points Runner-Up, 2022 Bowling Green Ring Winners, 2022 Enderle Pulloff Winner

Renk Seed Money Maker

Bret Berg

Farmington, Minnesota

Vehicle Make/Model: 2018 Modern Machine

Occupation: Famer and Trucking Company Owner

Hobbies: Snowmobiling and Hunting

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 6x NTPA Grand National Modified Champion, 9x Enderle Pull-Off Winner

Other: Sponsors – Renk Seed, North American Trailer, Crop Revenue Consultants, Cen-Pe-Co Lubricants, and Roach AG Marketing

Simon Sez

Brandon Simon

Farley, Iowa

Vehicle Make/Model: 4 engine modern machine chassis

Occupation: Rancher

Hobbies: Racing

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 3rd place finish in the finals at the 2023 National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS). Previously was Ricky Long’s “MAVTV” that won two Pro Pulling League (PPL) Championships!

Other: Sponsors – CenPeCo, Simon’s Trucking, Simon’s Cattle Co.

Takes A Lickin’

Steve Bunnage

Golden Gate, Illinois

Vehicle Make/Model: 2010 Engler Chassis with 4 Hemi’s

Occupation: Farmer of Corn, Soybeans, and Beef Cattle

Hobbies: Not much time between farming and pulling. Watching drag racing.

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: The Bunnage Takes A Lickin’ Super Modified Multi Engine Tractor has been pulling for 50 years, starting with Dad, Nile Bunnage. Steve Bunnage was the back to back winner for two years, 2015 & 2016, on Wednesday night of the National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) the Saturday night finals. Another bucket list dream was winning the Unlimited Modified class in Bowling Green, Ohio in 2015. Also, winning the Indy Super Pull five years in a row from 2010 to 2014. In 2014, just missing the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling Championship by two points and finishing second was a great year. Winning on Saturday Night at The Pullers Championship in Nashville, IL in 2022. Keeping the dream and traditions going for Team Bunnage and the Super Modified Tractor Takes A Lickin’ in 2023.

Other: Our first big sponsor was E3 Sparkplugs starting in 2014 and still have a great friendship with them still today. Dekalb has been a great partner in our farming operation with their seed for soybeans and corn and sponsorship for many years. Spray Nine/Permatex offers many of their products that cleans every inch of our tractor and has done an amazing job for several years. DC WELD/DC RIDE who do great work, they are more like family to us. Thanks to our family for always supporting tractor pulling as our biggest cheerleaders and always there for us. Team Bunnage-Bob and Rick thank you for all the many hours of working on the tractor and going to the pulls on your weekends to have some fun, no way we could do it without you. Thank you!


Dylan Owens

Montgomery, New York

Vehicle Make/Model: 2023 Modern Machine Chassis, 4 Brad Anderson Hemis with SSI Superchargers

Occupation: Farmer and Hay Broker

Hobbies: Farming and Tractor Pulling

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: New Build for 2023