Four Wheel Drive Trucks

Foster Child

Carmen Foster

Bainbridge, Indiana

Vehicle Make/Model: 2006 Chevy HD

Occupation: Boutique Owner

Hobbies:  Traveling

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2023 NFMS Champion. 1st Place Finishes in Dodge City, KS, Chapel Hill, TN, and Wauseon, OH

Just N Time

Justin Grace

Versailles, Kentucky

Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy 2500

Occupation: Dump Truck Driver

Hobbies:  Gaming and Watching Sports

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: Just N Time is the newest vehicle to G&K Motorsports Team and has only pulled one year.

Kickin’ Up Dust

Terry Hagedorn

Thompson, Missouri

Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy Silverado

Occupation: High Performance Engine Builder

Hobbies:  Making money for pulling trucks

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 6x Pro Pulling League Points Champion, 2x Outlaws Points Champion, 1x NTPA Points Champion

Other: Sponsors – CenPeCo and American Rotary

Midnight Raider

Jim Bosch

West Olive, Michigan

Vehicle Make/Model: 2004 Chevy Silverado

Occupation: Mechanic

Hobbies:  Puller through and through

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2009, 2010, 2012, 2017, 2021, & 2022 PPL Champions Tour Points Champion, 2001 ATPA Points Champion, 1996 & 1997 NTPA Grand National Champion, 2021 & 2022 PPL Western Series Points Champion


Graham Young

Versailles, Kentucky

Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge Dakota

Occupation: Excavation Superintendent

Hobbies:  RZR Riding, Gaming, and Fabrication

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: Finished in the Top 10 at all but 5 pulls during the 2022 season. Finished 4th at the NFMS in 2023 and 6th in 2022. 2nd Place in Points with the Pro Pulling League in 2019 and 2022 and 3rd in 2022.

Risky Business

Eric Claypoole

Macon, Missouri

Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet

Occupation: Claypoole Nursery

Hobbies: Pulling

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2022 Outlaw Truck & Tractor Pullers Association Champion

Rule #19

Jake Zaring

Fillmore, Indiana

Vehicle Make/Model: 2005 Dodge Dakota

Occupation: Crane/Millwright Business Owner

Hobbies: Just Pulling

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2022 NTPA Grand National Champion, 2019 NTPA Region 2 Champion, 2016 PPL Western Series Champion, 2015 PPL Champions Tour Points Champion, 2015 PPL Midwest Series Champion, 2007 PPL Slickmist Series Champion, 2007 NFMS Champion

Other: Pulling since 1979. 20x state level championships. Crew is Debby (Wife), Ike (Son), and Crew Chief (Isaac Hilburn)

Runnin’ Wild Texas Style

Charlie Hinds

Quitman, Texas

Vehicle Make/Model: 2006 Ford

Occupation: Business Owner of Hinds Metal Buildings

Hobbies: Bass Fishing, Deer Hunting, Family and Friends Time

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2022 National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) Runner-Up, 2021 & 2022 PPL Champions Tour Runner-Up. Won three consecutive pulls in 2022.

Other: Andy Bushjost is crew chief of the road. Don King is crew chief at the home shop. Sonny’s Racing Engines, Jr, Kelly & Ms Frances provide our awesome engines.


Layne Thornton

Gravity, Iowa

Vehicle Make/Model: Ford Super Duty

Occupation: Self Employed

Hobbies: Grandkids

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2022 Outlaw Truck & Tractor Pullers Runner-Up

Other: Pull with my brother, Murray Thornton and Son, Ryan.

The Punisher

Larry Jarrell

Gallipolis, Ohio

Vehicle Make/Model: 2006 Chevy

Occupation: Excavating Contractor

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Spending time with my grand babies, and Traveling

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2022 5th in Points with the Pro Pulling Leauge

Other: Married for 31 years to Bev Jarrell. Have on son, Dalton, and daughter-in-law, Chelsea. Have four grand babies. Been pulling since 2010. Sponsored by my RN wife!