Two Wheel Drive Trucks

Cornfield Cruiser Black Out

Russell Phipps

Kane, Illinois

Vehicle Make/Model: Ford T Bucket

Occupation: Agronomy Sales and Farmer

Hobbies: We don’t do much that doesn’t pertain to pulling.

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: Finished 2nd in the Illinois Tractor Pullers Association (ITPA) Point Standings, Voted into The Pullers Championship

Forever Hooked

Dale Nelson

Altamont, Illinois

Vehicle Make/Model: 2000 Ford F250

Occupation: Self-Employed Truck Driver

Hobbies: Grandkids in all their activities and sports

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2022 Southern Illinois Indoor Pulling Championships Saturday Night Winner in Du Quoin, IL

Full Throttle

Lisa Tatum

Bardstown, Kentucky

Vehicle Make/Model: 2002 Chevy S10

Occupation: Grain Operations at a Distillery

Hobbies: Motorcycles, Camping, Hanging out with Family, Friends, and my Puppy

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: First woman to win the finals at the National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS), Points Champion first year with Pro Pulling League (PPL), Getting to pull alongside my Dad, Tony!

Other: We want to thank Parts City, Tatum Auto Supply, and all those who could make this pull happen.


Terry Timmerman

Dickeyville, Wisconsin

Vehicle Make/Model: 2019 Chevy Colorado

Occupation: Transport Owner

Hobbies: Fishing, Boating, and Riding Harley

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 5x Badger State Tractor Pullers (BSTP) Points Champion, 2021 NTPA Winner in Sandwich, IL. 2x Pro Pulling League Champions tour 2nd place finishes in Hillsboro, WI. 1st Place PPL Western Series pull in Unionville, MO.

Lil Whip

Mendi Nelson

Cat Spring, Texas

Vehicle Make/Model: 2010 Chevy Colorado

Occupation: Teacher and Coach

Hobbies: All Sports

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2022 National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) Champion

Other: Husband Garrett, Expecting first baby in June!

Run & Tell It

Dustin Corliss

Cat Spring, Texas

Vehicle Make/Model: 1923 Ford T Bucket

Occupation: Owner/Operator of DC Trucking and Dirt Construction

Hobbies: Hunting and Fishing, Spending time with friends and family

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: Finished 5th in Outlaw points in 2019 (Rookie Season), Made 2020 National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) and placed 8th in session.

Other: Been traveling with Don Nelson for over 6 years helping him with pulling truck, tractors and driving his other semi to events. Been in a driver seat of a TWD for about 4 years now. He helped me build my first TWD truck and been hooked ever since.

Parts City Auto Parts

Lisa Tatum

Bardstown, Kentucky

Vehicle Make/Model: 2001 Chevy S-10

Occupation: Grain Operations for Bardstown Bourbon

Hobbies: Home Renovation and Motorcycles

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 3rd in the finals at the Cowtown Showdown

Salt Shaker Express

Jami Austin

Charleston, Illinois

Vehicle Make/Model: 1936 Chevrolet

Occupation: Farmer

Hobbies: Boating

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2019 Bowling Green Ring Winner

Other: Austin Grain Farms


Wayne Timmerman

Cuba City, Wisconsin

Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy S10

Occupation: Retired

Hobbies: Four Wheeling

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2nd Place at NTPA Regional National Enderle Pulloff

Southern Rage

Jacob Fuqua

Springfield, Tennessee

Vehicle Make/Model: 2005 Chevy S10

Occupation: Farmer

Hobbies: Playing Basketball and working in the shop.

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: Just starting back in the TWD class after losing a truck in 2018 to a shop fire. Not new to class but trying to catch back up with things that have changed. Want to say Thanks to Mark Taylor who recently passed away with cancer for being able to run this truck. He was a great friend of our pulling team and we want to continue to run his truck.

Sweet Heat

Trevor Fitzsimmons

Macon, Missouri

Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy S10

Occupation: Farmer

Hobbies: Farming and Shooting

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 3rd in points with Outlaws in 2021, Won Sweet Springs, MO and Britt, IA

Other: Son of Country Heat puller Tim Fitzsimmons

Whip It

Donald Nelson

Cat Spring, Texas

Vehicle Make/Model: 2014 Chevy Colorado

Occupation: Trucking

Hobbies: Tractor Pulling

Recent Pulling Accomplishments: 2021 5th in Outlaw Truck & Tractor Pullers Point Standings, 2022 National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) Contestant